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Fast and Fabulous

Despite roadblocks at every turn, race car driver Hanna Zellers is chasing her dream of full-time racing in a male-dominated sport.

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Whiskey Business

At Delray Beach’s newest whiskey-forward restaurant Warren, Chef Jen Knox creates food for people craving a home away from home.

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The Lone Ranger

Rodeo champ, alligator wrestler and former Florida wildlife commissioner Ronald “Alligator Ron” Bergeron sets his sights on saving the Everglades.

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Building Paradise

An HGTV-famous family purchased an abandoned resort in South Andros and transformed it into one of the Bahamas’ hottest new hotels.

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Fluid Motion

Though former synchronized swimming champion Kristina Makushenko had left the competitive sport, the water called her back and made her a viral sensation.

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Paradise, Precisely

Perched soundly upon a lush green lot on Sunset Island I in Miami Beach, Max Strang’s latest architectural masterpiece is a meticulous fusion of modern minimalism and sustainability, a tropical retreat unlike any other.

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Ocean Eyes

Photographer and surfer Daniel Fuller’s new book highlights the various facets of the ocean, including its beauty, mystery and danger.

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