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NEW Bridal Jewelry Launch

Graff x Supermodel Grace Elizabeth

by Jenny

For the first time in over three years, Graff is stepping out with a big bridal push – a key category for the 60-year-old British diamond business. In September, Graff will launch its new bridal campaign, sharing a real-life story of incomparable romance, captured on film and in an array of visuals to reflect the exquisite beauty of its diamond engagement rings and bridal jewels.

“With our incredible team of skilled artisans, coupled with the latest, highly technical design software, we are constantly looking for new ways to develop our bridal offering, whether it is conceiving new bridal jewels or enhancing a classic like the Promise setting” says CEO Francois Graff. “The new campaign shines a light on the incredible array of engagement rings and bridal jewels available at Graff, which are such an important part of our DNA.”

When Laurence Graff founded the House of Graff in 1960, engagement rings represented the core of Graff’s product offering remains true today. A highly personal and emotional purchase, bridal jewelry is the purest representation of Graff’s “diamond first” vision, which has inspired great passion and devotion within the family for more than 60 years.

Deeply esoteric and distinctive, Graff’s unique approach to selecting diamonds relies on expertise that has been passed down through generations. Each stone is assessed by a member of the family, focusing on their character, artistry and energy, which combine to create diamonds that shine with a radiant

As they have been from the very beginning, each engagement ring at Graff is individually designed and crafted with breathtaking elegance and precision to honor the unique personalities of the centre stones, with the same craftspeople who bring spectacular pieces of High Jewellery to life responsible for positioning the diamonds in their bespoke mounts. Artisanal in every sense of the word, with the expansion of the workshop and incorporation of highly technical design software, innovation is also a key driver in serving the Graff family’s “diamond first” vision.

Graff invited its High Jewellery muse, supermodel Grace Elizabeth, to shoot the House’s new Bridal campaign. Grace Elizabeth was excited to take part, especially as Graff surprisingly invited her real-life husband, German footballer Nicolas Krause, to be by her side in the campaign, as protagonists of their own love story. Two years ago, with restrictions cast upon them that were faced by many around the world, Grace Elizabeth and Nicolas married in secret, in a private ceremony with just two witnesses.

Now shared in an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview, revealed with the launch of Graff’s latest bridal campaign, Grace Elizabeth tells the tale of experiencing bridal bliss — the idyllic setting, the white dress, the bridal jewels, walking down the aisle, the wedding album — all for the first time with Graff. Shooting on a tropical island was their opportunity to enjoy all the precious moments they had missed, dressed in diamond jewels from the House’s Bridal collection. The deep love, connection and happiness between Grace Elizabeth and her husband is palpable and brings a beautiful warmth, intimacy and authenticity to the campaign.

To celebrate the release of this real-life love story, Graff has revisited its Promise setting, reimagining this timeless design to maximize the play of light through the diamonds.

Ever since its launch, the Promise setting has been among the most enduringly popular of Graff’s engagement rings. The challenge was to keep the same balance and proportions between the three diamonds when viewed from above while finessing the architecture beneath to create a modern variation of this classic three-stone design.

Refined by Workshop Manager Sam Sherry using CAD, the elegant, new Promise setting minimizes the amount of metal surrounding the diamonds while creating a seamless flow between the shank, shoulders and centre stone. The freshly enhanced silhouette reveals a soft tulip shape and a dropped top bezel, bringing a beautiful delicacy to the front view, while the side stones are held by a sweeping, organic bezel that transitions into delicate claws.

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