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The Queen of Ice Cream

by Venice

By Nila Do Simon
Photography by Katie Gibbs

How did you elevate the simple idea of ice cream into a curatorial masterpiece?
Ice cream is the inspiration. The flavors and feelings associated with it inspire me to create unique experiences.

The museum is all the rage on social media, but what in-person experience do you aim to create?
The Museum of Ice Cream builds environments where people can check their fears, anxieties and notions of social norms at the door and have fun. The spaces visitors explore at the museum allow them to create meaningful human connections with other guests and foster new friendships and memories.

What cultural void does the Museum of Ice Cream fill?
The Museum of Ice Cream is extremely accessible, inclusive and built for a modern lifestyle. We serve to ignite creativity and imagination through our interactive installations.

Can you share any tips for how guests can optimize their experience?
Come with open eyes and an open imagination!

We have to ask: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Piñata by the Museum of Ice Cream!

This article originally appeared in our Spring 2018 Issue.


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