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About Town

By Melissa Puppo. A few minutes north of downtown Fort Lauderdale lies one of Broward County’s quickly evolving neighborhoods: Oakland Park. It’s gained popularity over the years, in part due

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Spark Joy

By Angela Caraway-Carlton It never fails. When summer’s oppressive heat strikes, I begin daydreaming of winter wonderlands and permanently fix my television on Hallmark’s feel-good “Christmas in July” marathon. Last summer,

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Smoke Show

By Jenny Starr Perez. The inviting sight of flames dancing on the grill. The tantalizing scents of slow-cooked meats wafting through the air. Summer has officially arrived and with it

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Bites in the Right Direction

Ten years ago, brownies as we know them got a makeover. “Back then we did not have functional food options and anything ‘better for you’ was brownie-flavored but not an

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To Serve, With Love

If all great restaurants are an extension of the owner’s home, then The Katherine almost certainly embodies this hospitality axiom because, for husband-and-wife team Timon and Marissa Balloo, this restaurant

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A Rebellion of Taste

When it comes to indulging in a favorite cocktail, old traditions are rarely trifled with. A tried-and-true cocktail menu staple, the classic martini is known for its simplicity, elegance, and

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The Night Garde

South Florida hospitality giants Tim Petrillo and Alan Roth united their expansive nightlife kingdoms through the start of a friendship which led to the launch of a new crown jewel in Miami’s restaurant scene, Giselle.

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Skin Stars

Whatever glow goals you have—from a dewy, youthful face that seemingly defies aging to clearing up problem skin—these three beauty goddesses in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area will help you achieve premium skin status.

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Spring Fling

Looking for a luxurious getaway that caters to the finer things—these three distinct destinations have something for every staycation personality.

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