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14 local celebrities show us how their #AtHomeSelfies

by Jenny

By Ariella Bernick, Kathleen Crapson Lorrimer, Nila Do Simon, Jordan Levine, Cortney Rielly and Amelia Roloff


Matthew Caldwell

MATTHEW CALDWELL, president and CEO of the Florida Panthers

Essential wardrobe pieces: My go-to is a red Panthers polo shirt I’ve worn to all my Zoom meetings. My daughter, Flora, has a bow for every one of her outfits.
Creative outlet: Working on professional development, like listening to business leaders on YouTube.


Nate Dee

NATE DELINOIS (AKA NATE DEE), street artist and muralist

Style evolution during lockdown: I typically love street fashion, but since being at home, loungewear has become king.
Quarantine essentials: I’ve turned to DJs doing live sets on social media, my music playlists, all books Malcolm Gladwell or fiction, and Netflix.
Pandemic guilty pleasure: Junk food. I’m usually pretty good at eating healthy, but lately that’s gone out the window.


Stephanie Melissa Dorsainvil

STEPHANIE MELISSA DORSAINVIL, muralist and visual artist

Style evolution during lockdown: Comfort is the priority, so let’s just say that my sweatpants collection has grown since stay-at-home orders were put in place.
Post-quarantine goals: I’d love to continue growing my recipe book. I love to dine out, but I have really come to understand the power of a recipe during this time.


Chef Pablo Salas

PABLO SALAS, chef at Lona Cocina Tequileria

Creative outlet: Reading and researching Mexican cookbooks.
Quarantine essentials: Listening to Kendrick Lamar, especially while I cook.


Diana Velasquez (aka Lauderbabe)

DIANA VELASQUEZ, founder of Lauderbabe.com

Fan base evolution during quarantine: I’ve used my platform to amplify the voices within our community. There’s been an outpouring of support for my local guides, and I’m proud that my work is a resource for people and that they see me as a genuine human and friend.
Go-to takeout restaurant: Kousine Peruvian Kitchen has the perfect meal for when you feel like eating fresh, mouthwatering ceviches, colorful tiraditos and savory anticuchos.

KELLY BLANCO, reporter for NBC 6 South Florida

Essential wardrobe pieces: I can’t go without my llama slippers! I can’t remember the last time I wore proper shoes.
Quarantine essentials: A good face mask, quality dark chocolate and a glass of wine. I’ll also play DJ D-Nice’s “Club Quarantine” Instagram Live sessions, no matter what I’m doing.
Pandemic guilty pleasure: Getting everything delivered, like wine from Vinya, sushi from Makoto, skin care products from Sana and manicure essentials from Paint Nail Bar in Aventura.


Matthew Chevellard

MATTHEW CHEVALLARD, founder of Blu Scarpa and the Office

Essential wardrobe pieces: The level of comfort that a pair of Blu Scarpa La College loafers offers is amazing, so I always have a pair that’s for indoor use only.
Creative outlet: My outlet is reflecting on art in my gallery, the Office. Art transcends time. I’ve also been reading and listening to inspirational music to help me stay strong and reflect on what’s important to me.


Ryan Hunter-Reay

RYAN HUNTER-REAY, IndyCar Series driver and former Series champion

Creative outlet: My three young sons and I have been preparing our fleet of Traxxas RC cars, building Hot Wheels tracks and putting together endless Lego creations.
Style evolution during lockdown: Board shorts, a lightweight shirt, a hat and sandals. I realized just before leaving for the Texas IndyCar race on June 5 that I hadn’t worn pants in three months.


Jerome Baker

JEROME BAKER, linebacker for the Miami Dolphins

Creative outlet: I’ve gotten into making music. I’ve always written poetry—it’s been my therapy. Now my cousin, who went to music school, has been teaching me to put my poetry to a beat. I do it to express myself.
Quarantine guilty pleasure: At any given time, I have at least four stacks of Oreos lined up and ready to eat.


Lee Nguyen

LEE NGUYEN, midfielder for Inter Miami CF

Creative outlet: I’ve gotten into latte art and have spent some time creating my own designs.
How you’re shopping local: Takeout from Parlour Vegan Bakery.
Quarantine essentials: I’ve been obsessed with TikTok and Netflix, especially the show “Outer Banks.”


Juan Agudelo

JUAN AGUDELO, forward for Inter Miami CF

Self-care practices: I learned how to give myself a fade haircut.
Fan connection during lockdown: My Instagram post challenging fans to play me on the video game FIFA got a lot of attention. I played against some fans, and they kicked my butt!


The Miller Family

JOSH AND AMY MILLER, CEO and producer at C&I Studios

Creative outlet: Josh: We took the time to create things we haven’t been able to otherwise, like producing the first season of a TV series for Amazon that features musicians playing live in our studio.
Post-quarantine goals: Amy: Continue having small wins with the family. Whether we’re going on a bike ride or playing the video game Animal Crossing together, I want our kids to know they’re still our No. 1 priority.


Dr. Jason Mansour

DR. JASON MANSOUR, assistant medical director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Broward Health Medical Center

Essential wardrobe pieces: For me, it’s the personal protective equipment that doctors wear every day on the front lines.
Creative outlet: Video editing. Between my iPhone and GoPro, I have countless hours of footage from exotic destinations.
Best advice: Don’t let your guard down. The virus is just as deadly as it was when it dominated the headlines. Follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Maintain social distancing, wear a face mask, wash your hands, etc. It’s up to all of us to contain the spread.


Steve and Marsha Martorano

STEVE AND MARSHA MARTORANO, chef and co-owners of Cafe Martorano

Quarantine essentials: Marsha: Sweatpants during the day while working from home and dressier when working at the restaurant.
Creative outlet: Steve: Even during quarantine, I was going on Instagram Live to DJ for customers who were used to hearing me play.
Loyalty during the pandemic: Steve: Customers were pulling up to the restaurant with tablecloths to eat dinner on the hoods of their cars. That’s loyalty right there, cuz.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2020 Issue.

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