Girl on Fire

Fashion illustrator Adriana Krawcewicz celebrates empowerment with a custom art piece for Venice magazine.

Adriana Krawcewicz's "Power Within"

By Nila Do Simon

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Adriana Krawcewicz says it’s vital to empower often-marginalized communities, especially women of color. A digital and traditional illustrator who recently contributed artwork to Oscar de la Renta and Vogue Australia, the self-described feminist says the custom illustration she created for Venice—titled Power Within—focuses on the beauty of the female body. The piece features diverse women—raw, strong and naked—next to wild cats, which she calls striking and strong animals.

“I wanted to show that we share the same energy and integrity; it isn’t a matter of who is more dominant or more attractive,” Krawcewicz says. “This is the beauty of diversity. Only together in acceptance can we thrive, especially as women. The nakedness symbolizes the vulnerability of stripping false concepts built around racism and women. At the same time, I hope it shows the wildness of female nature and the energy I believe every woman can find within herself.”

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2020 Issue.