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City Cool: Cool Beans

by Jenny

By Charlie Crespo

Coffee is still the best part of waking up—just ask Amy Miller and Manny Carrera, the husband-and-wife team behind Argyle Coffee Roasters. Since 2014, Argyle Coffee Roasters has put a little bit of science, some art and a whole lot of love into supplying specialty-grade, single-origin coffee to South Florida spots like Be Nice Restaurants, Grind Coffee Project and Oakland Coffee & Juice Bar. And just in time for hot summer days, the duo has launched nitro cold brew cans, which are now available at Publix Super Markets, making it even easier and more convenient for locals to drink better, cooler coffee.

What’s Argyle’s origin story?
Amy: Manny is from Costa Rica, so we’d go to coffee stands there in the central market. We were like, “Why can’t we get locally roasted coffee here in South Florida?” This was 10 or 11 years ago, and when we looked around, Panther Coffee was all we saw.
Manny: I had been home roasting as a hobby. I quit my corporate job, and a week later I was at a roasting school called Boot Coffee in San Francisco. We started the business a couple of months after I came back.
Any new developments to share?
Amy: Getting our products sold at a large retailer like Publix has always been a big goal, but it’s about more than just having Argyle bags on the shelf. Pours, the café inside, serves our coffee on drip and carries our retail bags. It’s a huge accomplishment not only for us but also for the coffee community. Here is a large brand with Florida roots that is doing it right, properly serving local coffee in its locally focused store.
Manny: I’d been wanting to do nitro cans for two to three years but never had enough time. We were recently able to get an eight-barrel tank and install it at Tarpon River Brewing. We brew the coffee and have the canning company come there. We were first to market in our region with a locally canned cold brew.
What’s in store for Argyle’s future?
Amy: We want to allow our product to continue to grow, and we want the community to grab hold of it, band together and say, “This is ours.” That would be so cool. argylecoffeeroasters.com

Originally appeared in the Summer 2021 issue.

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