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City Cool: Bridging the Gap

by Jenny

By Giordana Curatolo
Portrait by Javier B. Edwards

It started as a party to celebrate a handful of creative friends and colleagues. But little did Just Us Gallery co-founders Brooke D’Avanzo and Enrique Piñeros know that they were creating an inclusive space for a wide range of artists. Their intimate August 2018 shindig soon ballooned into a platform to showcase various South Florida artists, drawing over 100 visitors. Their second event five months later drew a crowd that more than doubled that number.

Sometime between then and the upcoming third event on July 20, D’Avanzo, 27, and Piñeros, 26, began to realize they were creating a space that showcased impactful and interactive art from all types of creatives, from casual hobbyists to fine artists. Though tight-lipped on the details for their July event, D’Avanzo and Piñeros guarantee that attendees will be enveloped in a festive ambiance at their indoor-outdoor space in Fort Lauderdale’s MASS District. Aside from jewelry vendors and performances by live bands, there will also be an intimate indoor atmosphere for guests to interact with artists and quietly immerse themselves in the art. Above all, the purpose of Just Us Gallery is to show that “art is attainable,” D’Avanzo says.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2019 Issue.

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