Shake It Up with 3030 Ocean


By Michaela Greer
Portrait by Gary James


The Happy Sac
Bradley Duffie, mixologist at 3030 Ocean and co-creator of The Happy Sac cocktail, has just about done the impossible: He’s successfully trapped a nostalgic feeling in the well of a cocktail glass. This feat begins more than a week before the drink is consumed, when a fruit-and-herb-infused oleo-saccharum base is allowed to mature. Add Ketel One Oranje flavored vodka for that zesty punch, and you’re sure to have a showstopper. Yet, according to Duffie, the real enthrallment comes from the “sno-cone-like ice and sweet surprise of juicy blackberries that reminds people of their childhood and increases the nostalgia factor.”


2 ounces Ketel One Oranje flavored vodka
1 ¾ ounce orange and thyme oleo-saccharum
¾ ounces lime juice
Muddled blackberries
Burnt orange peel garnish

3030 Ocean at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, 3030 Holiday Drive, Fort Lauderdale

Originally appeared in the Fall 2016 Issue.

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